Ecotourism, our environmental commitment in the heart of Morvan

A committed and dynamic rural territory

When you choose to come to Moulin de Vézelay, you choose to reside in a rural area where the first town, Avallon, is located 18km away. You are removed from urban life to be able to find yourself even closer to the surrounding nature. You will also be able to appreciate all the diversity, dynamism and richness of our territory. You can taste a wide variety of products from local and organic farming; you will be able to discover the meticulous and creative work of our craftsmen; you can visit, walk, marvel. Rurality implies being inventive and united with each other. This is what you can discover and experience at the Moulin de Vézelay: rural territory, proximity, sharing and diversity!

The natura 2000 zone of the Morvan park

The Vézelay mill is also located in an area where nature reigns supreme. We are located in the Natura 2000 zone of the Morvan Regional Natural Park. The Natura 2000 zone is a European directive which makes it possible to preserve biodiversity and natural environments. In the Morvan, this area covers 64,000ha on 3 sites and the Park is directly responsible for two of these sites: the wetlands, forests, lawns and bat habitats of the Morvan as well as the bocage, forests and wetlands of the south Morvan. At the Moulin, you can also find two ZNIEFF for observing remarkable species. We are therefore in an exceptional territory for the interest it represents for the preservation of sensitive species both in terms of fauna and flora. At the mill, from April to September, you will, for example, have the pleasure of hearing the midwife toads singing at nightfall or of being able to observe bats hunting. This therefore conditions our approach to our environment and encourages us to engage in its preservation and promotion.

For more information on the Morvan natura 2000 zone, go to the park website: Morvan Regional Natural Park .

Eco-gestures and responsible consumption at the Moulin

Thus, it seems obvious to us to engage in responsible consumption and as local as possible. We would like to share this commitment with you and involve you in our quest to reduce waste by paying attention to our water and energy consumption, by recycling our waste, by growing our own vegetable garden... We will do everything we can to bring you comfort during your stay by reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. Thus, we want to show that modern life can be combined with respect for the environment. Here are some ideas to harmonize our lifestyle and our environment:


Here we find everything ! We like to eat local:

We pay attention to sorting and reducing waste:

  1. Local producers: farms and gardens,
  2. Walk,
  3. Cooperatives,
  4. Craftsmen.
  1. Our bathrooms are equipped with solid soaps to limit packaging,
  2. Containers and bins are at your disposal for sorting,
  3. We have a composting area at your disposal behind the swimming pool,
  4. Buckets are at your disposal to give us your green waste for our chickens.

We are constantly seeking to optimize our energy consumption:

Help us, be part of this process too:

  1. We choose environmentally friendly and organic cleaning products,
  2. Cleaning of linen at the end of the cycle or on request is done only and in a short, cold program,
  3. Sanitation by spreading septic tank meets standards: do not throw corrosive objects or products into the water circuit,
  4. The corridors are equipped with motion detectors and a timer,
  5. Staff are trained in eco-environmental practices,
  6. We are monitoring the plumbing network in order to repair any leaks as quickly as possible.
  1. Turn off the heating if you open a window,
  2. Turn off lights and electrical objects when you leave your room,
  3. Use water rationally and economically: try our water game!
  4. Leave only towels on the floor that need to be washed,
  5. Sorting bins and ashtrays are available to you throughout the site,
  6. Contact us if you have any questions.





As part of our environmental approach and thanks to our geographical location, we were able to integrate the Marque Valeur Parc network, a national brand which testifies to our commitment!