Organize your seminar green and strengthen your team cohesion

Le Moulin de Vézelay is an exceptional destination for your business seminars in the heart of Yonne in Burgundy, nestled on the outskirts of the emblematic Vézelay and 2 hours from Paris and Lyon.

Imagine yourself, surrounded by the majesty of nature, in a setting where inspiration is everywhere. This is where your business can enjoy a unique experience, combining work and pleasure, in an environment conducive to the flourishing of creativity.

Beyond the simple walls of a traditional meeting room, we offer you a true journey into the heart of nature, where every moment is an opportunity to boost the creativity of your team. Whether through dynamic team building activities, authentic moments of sharing or moments of deep reflection, our seminar location offers fertile ground for creating memorable memories and strengthening bonds within your team.

Our turnkey offer allows you to concentrate on the essentials: think, imagine and challenge the future of your business. We take care of every detail, from comfortable accommodation and friendly catering to organizing tailor-made activities that meet your specific objectives.

So let yourself be seduced by the magic of Yonne and Vézelay. Join us for a stay where work and pleasure come together to create an unforgettable, eco-responsible experience and where every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn and surpass yourself.


A new model of seminars: green seminars

Green business seminars, also known as eco-responsible seminars, are professional events organized in a natural and environmentally friendly setting. This educational and dynamic approach aims to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, reflection and innovation, while integrating sustainable and eco-responsible practices.

Green business seminars emphasize the connection with nature and the development of local resources. They offer participants the opportunity to get away from the urban hustle and bustle to find themselves in inspiring natural environments such as forests, mountains, countryside...

These seminars encourage experiential learning, where participants are actively involved in team building activities, brainstorming workshops and outdoor discussions. This promotes engagement, creativity and collaboration within teams.

Green business seminars are distinguished by their ecological and sustainable approach. This means using environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, reducing waste, using renewable energy and promoting local and organic products. These initiatives allow companies to reduce their ecological footprint while raising participants' awareness of environmental issues.

In summary, green business seminars combine an immersive educational approach with eco-responsible practices, thus offering an enriching and sustainable experience for participants and the environment.

An atypical place that adapts to your needs

When you choose Moulin de Vézelay, our goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible! Our site offers a complete range of services to meet all your needs during your seminar: suitable meeting rooms, cozy spaces for moments of tranquility, on-site accommodation possibilities, quality catering, as well as possibility of organizing activities.

Our strengths lie in our commitment to supporting you from the earliest stages of planning your seminar. We put our network of unusual service providers at your disposal to help you organize every detail of your event.

In addition, we ensure a discreet but constant presence throughout your stay. Our team is available to meet your needs and our services are flexible, adapting perfectly to your specific requirements.


Our rooms

Residing at the Vézelay mill means choosing family accommodation. We are delighted to welcome you to our home, in a house that resembles us and in which we have placed a lot of memories. We wanted each space to be comfortable and with its own identity. You are not safe from coming across the portrait of a great uncle, a cradle which has seen several generations of our family pass through, towels embroidered by our great-grandmothers or even an old trunk which has traveled from Spain in the Americas more than two centuries ago!

To accommodate you, you benefit from 10 spacious and fully equipped rooms, with bathrooms and wifi.


Our seminar rooms

For your activities, you have the possibility of having access to two rooms with professional kitchen and bathrooms. The first room has a capacity of 30 people and the second room has a capacity of 40 people. They are equipped with a screen, a whiteboard, a paper board and wifi.

The exteriors

The mill also provides direct access to nature. You can enjoy a 3ha park equipped with areas for rest, picnics, etc., a swimming pool, outdoor games, an educational farm and departure points for hikes directly from the mill!

For a turnkey stay, we offer tailor-made services:

So that you can concentrate and have complete peace of mind, the mill team will be with you throughout your stay! Meals, gourmet breaks, activities, peaceful working time... Here is our range of services so you can create your tailor-made stay.


Organic, local and homemade catering

At the Moulin, we cook family and local cuisine as much as possible! We are attached to the work of our producers and we therefore work as much as possible in short and organic circuits. We work with the Come farm (beef and poultry), the Vézelay Terroir farm (vegetables), Chez Anthony (fruit), the Gauthier bakery, Thomas Cheeses, the Vault Gardens in Lugny, the Silo Rouge. We make all our pastries, some of our bread and brioches, jams, etc. Part of what we consume also comes directly from the mill, our vegetable garden and our fruit trees. The majority of our herbal teas are also made on site from picking to drying.

We also consider that the meal is an essential moment during a business seminar: a special opportunity to build relationships and strengthen cohesion within your team. This is why, at Moulin de Vézelay, we make it a point of honor to promote conviviality and the pleasure of being together around the table. We also offer menus adapted to suit your special diets or food allergies.

Our cuisine is both gourmet and family-friendly, with dishes such as chicken with milk, beef Bourguignon, epoisse tart, fruit sponge cake, etc.

For your peace of mind, we provide you with a private room for your meals. If the weather is nice, you can even have lunch in our garden, in the shade of the trees. We also adapt our hours to your work pace. Finally, we offer a buffet or meal service to make everyone feel at home and to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You choose!

On-site activities

Le Moulin offers a multitude of activities on site, depending on the availability of our partners. For wine lovers, tastings are offered in the company of local winegrowers or even an oenologist, who will introduce you to a variety of vineyards through multisensory tastings or food and wine pairings.

For those seeking well-being, reiki or meditation sessions are also available. Nature lovers can take part in guided hikes, revealing the secrets of the region's edible and medicinal plants, or opt for accompanied electric bike rides, ideal for exploring the beauty of the Vézelien.

And did you know that the Morvan is a Starry Sky nature reserve? To end the day in style, why not enjoy observing the sky with an astronomer? A dreamlike and exotic experience guaranteed!

Finally, to strengthen the cohesion and dynamism of your team, we also offer team building activities such as raft construction, treasure hunts or gastronomic challenges, which will stimulate team spirit and collaboration between the participants.


Off-site activities

We're here to make it easier for you if you want to explore our beautiful region by helping you book activities or providing you with ideas and addresses. You can, for example, organize a guided tour of Vézelay and its basilica, explore the castles of Bazoches and Chastellux, or even discover the charming towns of Avallon and Noyers-sur-Serein.

Outdoor enthusiasts can rent bikes or take part in guided bike tours in the vineyard. You also have access to activities on the water with canoe trips on the Cure. And why not opt for unusual activities such as a train ride to discover the railway history and quarries of Serein, followed by an immersion in old quarries? Our region is full of treasures to discover, and we will be delighted to share our passion for our heritage with you!

A unique place to bring together your colleagues and invent the future of your company!

Organizing a company seminar offers many advantages, particularly in terms of team cohesion and strengthening links between members. Here are some reasons to bring your teams together for such an event:

1. Link Building:

Bringing your colleagues together in an environment different from that of the office encourages informal exchanges, discussions and the sharing of experiences. This strengthens interpersonal bonds and creates an atmosphere of trust within the team.

2. Team cohesion:

The team building activities organized during the seminar help strengthen cohesion and collaboration between team members. By working together to overcome challenges or achieve common goals, participants learn to know each other better and appreciate each other's skills.

3. Stimulate creativity:

Changing environments and getting out of the daily routine can stimulate employees' creativity. Seminars provide an opportunity to generate new ideas, solve problems innovatively and explore new perspectives for the business.


4. Improved communication:

Business seminars provide a setting conducive to open and transparent communication. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas, concerns and suggestions, which promotes better mutual understanding and more effective communication within the team.

5. Motivation and commitment:

Bringing the teams together for a seminar shows employees that the company values their contribution and their well-being. This can strengthen their motivation, commitment and sense of belonging to the company.


In summary,

organizing a company seminar offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen team cohesion, stimulate creativity, improve communication and strengthen employee motivation, which can have a positive impact on the overall performance of the company. business.